A game played while driving a car. The driver and passenger compete in spotting a car with one headlight missing or broken. The objective is to be the first to spot the car, then say the word spadoodle as fast as you can, remember, its a competition. Its customary to hit the losers arm as a punishment and as marking of a score. The passenger has a distinct advantage in being able to scan left to right. DISCLAIMER: NOT WISE FOR DRIVER TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO GAME, eyes on the road :)
"Spadoodle" said Thomas as he eblowed Kimberleys arm. The point was his. again!
by Bertha Keith February 09, 2010
This is where a person tries to poop, but accidentally sits on the back of their shirt. The "process" leaves their shirt soiled with human feces.
Pete took a shit, but accidentally spadoodled on his shirt.
by poolpartysteve January 10, 2013
A sacred religion of the Timberdoodle: (American Woodcock)

1. The Spadodian religion also known as “spoodles”

2. Spadodian beliefs or practices include: Worshiping of the sacred Timberdoodle (American Woodcock) Sacrificing of Snickerdoodles and caboodling fellow members every third wednesday of the month.
3. The state of being a Spadoodle
5. Awesomeness!
6. Conformity to the Spadodian religion or to its beliefs or practices.
A particular religious system: She followed fundamentalist Spadodianity

person 1: "what religion are you?"

person 2: "well i'm a spadoodle"

person 1: "thats flapdoodle!"
by Spadoodle masters May 30, 2010
Spadoodle can mean anything and everything. It can also possess a positive and or negative outlook.
"Dude, That was one hell of a spadoodle night."

"Uh, What the heck did we do with that spadoodle?"

"Hey, you have a spadoodle day alright!"

"Sometimes you act like a frikken spadoodle man..."

by Ninja_cy December 10, 2007
It is the mating call of the adamosaur.
"Hey, whats up?"

by I am a liar December 17, 2007

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