Spadge is a term coined in the Scottish kilt hire industry for dried semen on a returned hire kilt. It is derived from a contraction of the words "spunk badge".
"They asked me to clean the spadge off that Hunting Smith with a wire brush, so I told them where they could stick their job" - Sonia, an ex-employee of a kilt-hire company.
by Tumshie April 30, 2010
Cum, spunk, gentleman's gel, valentines porridge.
"I filled the hairy cup with my spadge."
by Stouffer November 07, 2002
To slap someone in the face with your schlong.

She was pissing me off, so I gave her a good spadging. That shut the bitch up!


He called me a ponce, so I had to spadge the fucker.
by Tex56789 April 27, 2006
British: A young person, usually used by aunts or uncles
Hello my little spadge!
by Ultrelusive July 20, 2005
The female genital organs.
"Have you seen that pic of Paris Hilton getting out of the car with her spadge out?"

Spadge of honour.
by PG November 13, 2003
man fat
The result of leaving the safety off the pump action yoghurt rifle.
Once every dwarf had done his bit,
And mixed spadge filled her quim,
Had Snow White sneezed or coughed or laughed,
All seven would have to swim.
by dr joff November 08, 2007
Used in the Welsh valleys as an alternative to mate or friend, the shortened form of 'spa' is also acceptable.
'Oh spadge, I'm a fuckin' inbred valleys moron'
by ^Azrael^ July 23, 2004
pussy, female part
i want to eat your spadge
by sj January 12, 2004

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