Hitting the space button on somebody's keyboard by surprise while a music production software is running, thus causing the music to start playing.
"Dude, yesterday I was working on this cheesy love song, when suddenly my little brother's friend spaced me, then they all cracked up at me.."
by puspe December 09, 2007
an act of disrespect committed when one party posts a link to a myspace page on the profile of another party in a web-based community that is not myspace.
joe found jan's myspace page and felt it funny to post embarrassing pictures he found of jan's mom to jan's facebook profile by way of a link. jan definitely was disrespected. joe had space'd jan good.
by bralikzandr May 05, 2009
when someone kills you from across a set stage.
i was playing codmwf2 and i spaced a noob wit my sniper rifle.
by dragonprince129 December 15, 2009
bogus, unfortunate, lame, schwag, tragic
You can't make it to the game today because you have to wash the car? Dude, I'm sorry, that's spaced.
by Clayton November 07, 2004

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