A term of endearment for someone from (or having returned from) Space. Usually followed by physical contact such as a tousling of the hair or other more intimate contact, depending on circumstances.
~Source: Richard Dean Anderson
Come here you little space monkey. You're virtually radiating cosmic goodwill.
by pythonspam November 07, 2003
Underground Cult Website.
The word came about after naming a picture on a table apparently.
That should be used on spacemonkey
by MH February 15, 2005
A person who has an extremely odd cocktail of personality traits, is extremely dumb, wears crocs on all occasions and has one single comeback for everything, "your mom".
A person who's age cannot be determined just based on his/her knowledge and/or writing skills, unless you meet him/her in person.
1. Joshi is the space monkey of our group.
2. Behold! Here come the space monkey!
by Kthanxbai January 11, 2015
A song by John Prine.
Space monkey, space monkey, what'd you doing up there? It's dark up as a dungeon way up in the air.
by Zach G. November 15, 2003
a north london N8 ...cockney rhyming slang for junkie
look at that boy he's a right space monkey
by funnyasfuck October 25, 2003
*watch fight club* u dumb ass cockbunny..
(look up cockbunny)
"you look like a monkey ready to be shot into space,, Space monkey" *slap*
by space monkey September 02, 2003
a commonly played choking contest. first one to passout looses.
hey man, lets play space monkey
by flyatheart February 12, 2008

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