A bastardized gimmicky version of my all- time favorite Jordans: the 11's. Just another marketing gimmick by Jordan that wannabe sneakerheads and hypebeasts lined up for. Quality is no where near the original 11's and sadly people paid 175$ for them.
Adrian: Yo I'm a real Jordan-head cause I waited all night at the mall just to cop a pair of Space Jams!!!
by Mike Huntttttttt August 19, 2010
when weird sounding techno music is played and people jam to it.
we were having a space jam in the car
by jailbaitttt July 21, 2009
A girl who is either a skeezer or does not know how to act right.
"That girl asked to make out with me in front of her grandparents. What a Space Jam."
by Anonymous5239192918131 December 20, 2007
The act of urinating in your mouth for no more than $5.
Dude, mike totally did the space jam last night.
by Craackhead42388 May 10, 2006
When a physical object prevents the penis from entering any part of the female body during intercourse.
I was looking forward to last night until her stomcah caused such a Space Jam
by Otkya January 11, 2005
1) cartoon comedy with the looney tunes and Michael Jordan

2) a jar full or load of "jam", puss filled cum typically from a venereal disease that is 'out of this world'
Gimme some of that space jam, my galactic cowboy!
by Chou Nox October 17, 2015
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