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An essence, being, or lack of both, representing or not representing absolute freedom. The space whale, or everything but space whale, can be bound by nothing and everything at the same time, if it chooses. It may even exist while not existing.
Jim: Wow, that space whale may alter a reality in which I hadn't perceived it!

Bartholomew: The space whale can divide and add 3 to 4 simultaneously, and it did your mom last night.

Mason: That space whale sure pisses Phil off.

Richard: I tryed joining that S.W.A.P (Space Whale Awareness Party) and they told me something about sex with a panda.
#space #whale #freedom #liberty #real #absolute #cool #anything #everything #nothing #science #religion #logic #your mom
by S.W.A.P. January 28, 2009
A being of inconceivable size and awesomeness.
Man, is that space whale excellent or what?
by Swankerton Fappinstein February 16, 2005
A nickname for the Gallente "Dominix" class battleship in a well-known space-combat/trading-based MMORPG.

Can be described as "pregnant" when the speaker wishes to emphasize the size or scale of this massive ship. Shaped like a teardrop.

Guy1: Dude my spacewhale is pwning
Guy2: yeah but its so pregnant

Guy1: help!! being ganked!!
Guy2: coming
Guy1: what are you bringing?
Guy2: spacewhale
Guy1: ftw

Guy1: what are you up to?
Guy2: spacewhaling it up
#spacewhale #spacewhaling #space #whale #dominix #space whale
by corneliusthecunning March 09, 2009
An asshole. Space whale is a freakin ass. Metrasha owns all.
Space Whale is an ass. Bitch.
by Fluffy February 23, 2005
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