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Anything that has been modified or upgraded for performance or looks(especially cars).

That car is souped up like crazy.
by John Shim February 15, 2003
126 27
A Car that has been modified for racing.

Origin: California 1950's

A Car put together like ingredients in a soup.

was illegal drag racing slang.
now is commonly used buy professional racers.
"I think it's rolling stocks! this needs to be souped up!!".
by Lec2 February 10, 2003
76 23
Illicitly manufactured drugs which have been adulterated.
"I got kids dying on my streets from souped-up X!"
by Stanfi3ld November 08, 2012
16 0
Given power that was not intended for it to have.
Souped-up economy car etc.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
24 12
Full of soup.
The boys were souped up with Campbell's chicken noodle soup.
by CycloneBabyWebsterBitch3615 February 07, 2011
10 31