A word most used by chavs

when a crime is succesfully carried out and a new paket of nappies or a signet ring is in the sticky hands of a chav it is a job wel done known to be sorted
Yeah, Mate thats sorted that is.
by Kaysie June 03, 2005
Top Definition
When a task or idea is completed
"We finally got through to it then?, sorted!"
by Martyn Waugh October 10, 2003
v. From English slang terminology. 1. To be sorted. To be under the influence of ecstacy. Broader uses include being under the influence of other drugs and also being equiped with ecstacy (or other substances) 2. To be organised. To have things in order.
3. syn. for cool or wicked.
1. (in a club)"easy mate, you havin' a good night"
"yeah im fuckin' sorted bruv!!"

2. "I've got to get my taxes sorted by tuesday."

3. "can you hook me up with that program you use for editing songs?"
"yeah, sure"
by Olly J February 06, 2005
When ones 'class A' recreational drugs have arrived.
Cheers for the whizz, nice one, SORTED.

Are you SORTED for E's?
by rubbish gays September 03, 2003
To be well organised.
She's so sorted.
Now that the paperwork is sorted I can find what I need easily.
He sorted the browser bookmarks into categories.
by Lissky September 04, 2004
To be have enough chemicals to stay awake longer then you should over the weekend. Now so overused outside the original context this phrase is nausiating to the ear.
I was sorted for e's and whizz and ad a bang up time round the M25 in 1989.


Did you get me some chips? Soooorted.
by vinylmatt August 01, 2005
- Miles is askin Seki what he thinks of Kay, 'She's sorted, she is.'
by x_Susie_x July 07, 2005
Getting fucked up, but not blacking out all the way.
Jessica went to a party on Saturday at the Woodlands and got sorted on shots of vodka but didnt blackout.
#alcohol #woodlands #vodka #sorted #blackout #party #shots
by Jessbama January 16, 2012
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