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a discount brand of television found at the outlet stores near Springfield
The Simpsons episode Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield

Homer: Look at these low, low price on famous name-brand electronics!
Bart: Don't be a sap, Dad. These are just crappy knock-offs!
Homer: Pfft! I know a genuine Panaphonics when I see one! And look, there's Magnetbox and Sorny!
by jondc January 14, 2009
When you're really sore in the vaginal area because you just had really rough sex, but you're still so horny and want to keep going.

A blend of sore and horny.
I was so sorny today when my boyfriend fucked me really hard. It felt so good and I wanted to go longer, but I was in a lot of pain.
by hotbunsonmyface June 07, 2011
1. The state of feeling both sick and horny, possible aqs a result of such intense sexual chat that it blurs the lines of horniness and nausea.

2. When someone makes you so horny you wanrt to vomit
That guy's sex chat was so rank it made me kinda sorny
by SornyBoy July 04, 2011
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