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An abbreviation for sorry, used when the speaker is only half sorry and thus uses half the word.
"OMG! You totally interrupted me!"

"I think this shirt makes me look fat."
by aly-j January 13, 2010
Sors = Spit or Swallow

Usually in reference to cum, though can be used referring to other disgusting things you may find in your mouth, such as your Aunt's homemade meatloaf.

Can also be used in a derogatory manner to refer to girls who look like sors is a moral dilemma they often face.
Jane: Did you sors?
Anne: Spit, duh!

Aunty Bethikins: Would you like some more soup?
Your only thought: Do I sors?

Jane: God, she looks like a sors type of girl.
James: Wehey, that's because she IS.

by Fexx December 13, 2007
1. The abbreviation for Streets of Rage, quite possibly the best fighting game series for the Sega Genesis until Street Fighter II: Champion Edition came out. Responsible for hours of enjoyment in my life.
2. How a clownshoe spells "soar".
Man, Blaze from SoR is one fly honey...
by Kix May 04, 2004
Abbreviation for Suite O Revolution, a Halo/Halo 2 clan.
The revolution will be televised
by Pwny McPwnerson February 08, 2005
BFV clan that is taking over the Official DC forums. Everyday 50 new =SoR= members join up and crowd the forums, the servers, and the entire community. They Also Are All Communists

={SoR]= players know everyone, becuase everyone has belonged to =SoR= at one point or another.

Also They Are The Greatest Clan To Ever Play BFV/DC/BF1942/EOD
Wow =SoR= 0wN3d My Ass!
by N/a April 15, 2004
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