A kick-ass Sonic the Hedgehog compilation site. I must warn you, it contains rather explicit content and language.

It also has a message board with no rules regarding flaming, a forum where you can bitch about stuff, etc. I post there as dj gs68 and use an anime girl in a bikini for an avatar. ~_^
Sega's Sonic pages suck, I'm going to Sonic CulT.
by dj gs68 May 20, 2003
This is an excellent site, although at the present moment it has an idiot infestation going on.
The place known as Sonic CulT rocks.
by Stoko July 07, 2003
The worst site on the internet. Based on the principle that since Sonic fans have "matured", the games should as well.

Recently shut down after the previous owner's (Reala's) arrest for the solicitation and molestation of an underaged teenage girl. Since then, ownership has shifted to some other loser hated by the masses.

Consists mostly of idiotic fan rants and the beration of other sites with similar content, such as it is.

Avoid at all costs.
I punched some kid in the face after he emailed me a link to this lame-ass website.
by DPI March 06, 2005
A used-to-be-good Sonic site that went to hell and got taken down because the webmaster is a perverted asshole.
Holy shit, what the fuck happened to Sonic Cult, it used to be cool.
by Deadly Melody January 24, 2005
A sonic research site
It is rather neat.
by This Guy! July 06, 2003
The biggest and best Sonic website in the world!
Over 700 active members, always the first for Sonic news.
by Overlord November 29, 2003
The best motherfucking site EVER.
Sonic CulT kicks Sonic Classic's ass!
by Speedlight July 02, 2003

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