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The worst site on the internet. Based on the principle that since Sonic fans have "matured", the games should as well.

Recently shut down after the previous owner's (Reala's) arrest for the solicitation and molestation of an underaged teenage girl. Since then, ownership has shifted to some other loser hated by the masses.

Consists mostly of idiotic fan rants and the beration of other sites with similar content, such as it is.

Avoid at all costs.
I punched some kid in the face after he emailed me a link to this lame-ass website.
by DPI March 06, 2005
Web site majorily populated by 15-year-old furries and anime freaks who actively participate in the creation and distribution of the eye-gouging atrocities known as sprite comics. The Alpha of this semi-cultic suckfest is some Iowan farm boy known as Gojirott.

He along with his posse of brownnoser butt-buddies (such as Woosh, Raysel and Myuutsuu) proceed to bring insurmountable levels of the stupidity to the hapless dimwits whom are bored and/or stupid enough to visit said site.
Munkki and the denizens associated with it are often referred to as the Sonic Cult of spritedom.
by DPI March 06, 2005
1.(n) The sound something makes when passing by at moderate speed.

2.(v) To pass by an object at such a speed as to make a "wooshing" sound.

3.(n) The handle of some British idiot with a penchant for various acts of dumbassery and creating some of the most homoerotic sprite comics ever to grace the interweb.
1. The car zipped by with a woosh.

2. The car wooshed by.

3. I ran down woosh with my car.
by DPI March 07, 2005

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