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A sexy, hot, beautiful woman who is in total control of herself at all times.
"Wow! Look at that girl!!! She knows exactly what she's doing!"
"Yeah, she's a total Sommer!"
by Lorf Almighty June 13, 2007
A girl who has a great personality, someone who doesn't care what you think and is loved by everyone. shes the best friend anyone could have. shes beautiful, random, crazy and has amazing style!
friend 1: did you see sommer today?
friend 2: yea she was so funny and i loved what she was wearing!
by Meg4338 December 13, 2009
beautiful sexy all around amazing girl she will be down with whatever you want to do and will make you smile all the time and loves to kiss her man
sommer is so hot i wish she was my girl
by Antoniooooooooo April 22, 2010
German word for the season, Summer.
Also used for a girls' name.
I love sommer, the season.
I love Sommer, the girl--she rules!
by cooliokiddooooo March 18, 2009
A girl who appears different from others. She's beautiful, smart, funny, and will be the best friend you can ever have. Sommer's tend to love to play video games with their friends. However if you ever fall for a Sommer, unlike most girls, Sommer's are usually very hard to get. Sommer's also have a hidden side too. They may seem bubbly and happy when your around them but when you leave her alone she is like a different person.
"Wow! That girl is different from the others, have you tried to make her yours?" "Yeah but she doesn't seem to want me, must be a Sommer"
by NerdyNuggets May 20, 2014
A name for girls who are random and dark and love llamas. And have amazing fashion sense, with a style all their own....

And they tend to wear skinny jeans with black and white stripes and other random colors.

And by dark I mean just a tad bit morbid.... ^^

Not to be confused with SUMMER.

Girl: Whoa, that Sommer is so random!!
Sommer's friend: Yeah, she loves her llamazzzz. ^^
by Iamallama July 02, 2011
Sits at home all day and plays Xbox and avoids friends. They also tend to not want to go out with anyone and when you ask them, they give lame excuses. For some reason they love the vowel E and also the letter Q. Grow creatures underneath their neck. Wear glasses. Sommer's say love me a lot as well.
"Sommer, you wanna hang out this weekend?"

"Um no, I have to watch my CATS!"

Hey Sommer, you want to go out tonight?"

I'm sorry, but I am making a grilled cheese and I got a contusion from it."
by Are we MoonMen? November 09, 2010
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