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A name for girls who are random and dark and love llamas. And have amazing fashion sense, with a style all their own....

And they tend to wear skinny jeans with black and white stripes and other random colors.

And by dark I mean just a tad bit morbid.... ^^

Not to be confused with SUMMER.

Girl: Whoa, that Sommer is so random!!
Sommer's friend: Yeah, she loves her llamazzzz. ^^
by Iamallama July 02, 2011
A nickname for a grunge girl. Prone to talk excesively about Layne Staley, the singer from AIC, or Alice In Chains. She doesn't like Kurt Cobain, seeing as he's a dumbass and shot himself.

Also likes skinny jeans and band tee-shirts. Friends with Sommer. (The one who likes llamas.)

Mikays tend to be artistic, very. Very.
Guy: Whoa, that girl is obsessesed with Layne.
Mikay's friend: Nahh, he's just her role model.
by Iamallama July 02, 2011
A nickname for someone who is a smooth talker. It works well as a boy or girl's nickname.

Caution: Anyone Cream Cheese will be able to easily pull you in with their easy-to-listen-to words!
Guy: Man, that girl knows just the right things to say to me!
Guy 2: yeah, man, she's Cream Cheese at heart...
by Iamallama July 02, 2011

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