Statement of Intent. Telling a girl/guy you are interested in them. Usually sexual.
Him: What do you like most about doing pottery?
Her: You know, I just love molding the clay. It's so satisfying being able to create something with your hands.
Him (SOI): Wow, I love that you're so passionate about that. And you have such a physical enjoyment of it. That's really sexy.
by C.O'B September 10, 2006
SOI: Spin On It. Derogatory remark or response meaning No.
My boss emailed me to do something. I emailed back: SOI

In a person's presence, it can be accompanied by the middle finger hand gesture.
by Albert Stein February 06, 2008
slang term for gypsie. originates from abbreviation of east london/thames estuary pronounciation of gypsie - 'gypsoi'
i f*cking hate pikeys, let's burn that soi's caravan down.
by James Brittain August 28, 2003
Assertive way of saying bye, but not quite equal to 'fuck off'. Heard when chavs are in the area and ironically amongst skaters and emos.

Origin largely unknown - its been suggested it stands for 'Swivel/Sit/Spin on it'.
"Soi inabit - I'm off home."


"I'm gonna have to soi."


"Yeah, he was being a twat so I was like Soi!"
by El Beave July 21, 2008
Acronym for Sunglasses on Inside
People who are SOIs have no real purpose in life.
by sean` March 04, 2006
Soi - The Most Word Sic Moist Tonar Variation of Cool.

If you're reading this you are obviously not soi. In this decade of fast food an ready meals people need to look for healthy alternatives. This however is not limitted to the foods we eat, but to our very lifestyle. Soi is an example of that.

Soi gets it definition from Soy. Much like Soy Milk, being soi offers all the characteristics of full phat coolness, without any of the calories. That means you can be all phat and word up yourself without letting it get to your head, causing brain hemmoraging and eventually leading to strokes.

Soi is written this way due to evolution of language. It was originally adopted by the Broven Street Massive, the healthiest hood in Detroit. After a while gangstas cruising along in their low riders adopted the hand signals to remind the pimps that they were Soy. However when it came to making the Y with their fingers, they came to the conclusion a verticle finger represented a virtuous conclusion.

And thus Soi was born.
Gangsta: Check out mah woman!

or, for the more conservative

Consumer 1: Hmm, this milk is tasty, yet I have no gained any weight! What is this stuff?
Health Store Clerk: That shit is soi yo!
by Master of Tonarity January 21, 2005

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