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term used among guys to call each other
Yo sohn you need to settle the fuck down
by self March 08, 2003
1. Sohn: (noun) A pointless lie told in a low monotone voice that benefits no one, including the teller.

2. Sohning: (verb) To collapse into the fetal position when scared.

3. Sohn:(noun) Someone who unexplainably knows random facts about obscure topics
1. John: I'm from Korea bro,
Susan: No your not, you just pulled a Sohn!

2. Joe: I just scared Frank so bad he Sohned right on the floor.

3. Keishan: Cats sleep 16 to 18 hours a day
Will: Man, Your such a Sohn, how do you know that?
by ISPfratTaft November 06, 2011