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1. Sohn: (noun) A pointless lie told in a low monotone voice that benefits no one, including the teller.

2. Sohning: (verb) To collapse into the fetal position when scared.

3. Sohn:(noun) Someone who unexplainably knows random facts about obscure topics
1. John: I'm from Korea bro,
Susan: No your not, you just pulled a Sohn!

2. Joe: I just scared Frank so bad he Sohned right on the floor.

3. Keishan: Cats sleep 16 to 18 hours a day
Will: Man, Your such a Sohn, how do you know that?
by ISPfratTaft November 06, 2011
term used among guys to call each other
Yo sohn you need to settle the fuck down
by self March 08, 2003
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