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Similar to a fuckboy but without the cocky attitude. The Softboy will butter a girl up by appealing to her emotions and showing a "sensitive" side long enough for her to sleep with him, whether or not he actually cares about her or not. Then, like the fuckboy, he can't/won't commit. Differs from the fuckboy because he goes for the heart and emotions rather than just the body.
The Softboy played me like the Fuckboy did, but at least the fuckboy was honest.
by asa086 April 15, 2016
One who is the opposite of a Hard man. Generally, the soft boy is unable to fight, or will go down after one punch. A Soft Boy is also one who cannot hold his drink.
He threw up after only three pints. What a Soft Boy.
by Snake February 01, 2006
A growing subgenre of pornography using "doughy studs to help the average home viewer 'project'."
Teodor thought he was too fat to work in porn, but it turns out he would be a great SoftBoy.
by achewoodfan June 15, 2005
Term to describe male technology workers. Derived from their physical appearance: slightly overweight and pudgy, hiding their bodies in pale "comfort-fit" khakis and button-down shirts. Mostly used during the dotcom era.
See those softboys over there heading off to Starbucks for their afternoon lattes?
by MC December 05, 2003
Term to describe male technology workers. Applies specifically to their appearance - slighty pudgy and wearing comfort fit button down shirts and khakis in pale colors. Most useful during the dot com boom.
See that softboy over there with the Starbucks latte in his hand?
by MC December 05, 2003
professional pornography featuring doughy studs to help the average home viewer "project"
i know an sb director who'd think you were pretty easy on the eyes
by herschel quintron June 19, 2005
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