a person who must socialize with every one before starting their work day.
sally is making her rounds socializing before her work can start. sally is a social worker.
by pegeva September 29, 2010
A liberal and/or anthropology major who is unable to get a real job to make a living.
Since Alan was a liberal who flunked out of college, the only job he could find was being a social worker.
by Npard23 May 03, 2007
Somebody at your job that spends more time on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter than they do performing the tasks they are responsible for.
"Jeffrey is such a social worker. He tweets about random bullshit instead of working on the grill."
by Jimmacone August 09, 2009
An unemployable, ineffectual, mentally ill liberal hired by the government for no particular reason.
" Before she was institutionalized, Sally was a Social Worker."
by John E. Walker April 25, 2003
a person who likes to be "social" for money, otherwise known as a prostitute

can be used to refer to a certain person while they are right there in the room
"That girl Stephanie is with a different boy everyday, i think she is a social worker"
by Davonn hawkins December 29, 2004

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