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4 definitions by Npard23

When you completely melt down and blow a game or match that you were about to win. This can also mean when one player or team is dominating a competition until the play poorly to let the opponent back in the game.
In Game 5, the Golden State Warriors pulled off a chokejob in the playoffs by losing a nine point lead with three minutes to go in the game.
by Npard23 May 01, 2007
a noun form of clean. different usage than cleanliness
Make an ornig out of this mess.
by Npard23 July 27, 2006
A poor laborer or immigrant worker that will do any job for a small amount of pay.
My uncle Chris hires a group of coolies to construct investment property, clean up his house, and drive his son to school.
by Npard23 April 30, 2007
A liberal and/or anthropology major who is unable to get a real job to make a living.
Since Alan was a liberal who flunked out of college, the only job he could find was being a social worker.
by Npard23 May 03, 2007