Just beyond local. Not-So-Local.
1.Gertrude: I'm going to my Dad's house this weekend.
Wendy: Is it around here?
Gertrude: No, socal.

2. Mom: at the post office Go put these in the mailbox.
Kid: Which one?
Mom: Not local.
Kid: So Socal?
Mom: Yeah, that's it.

Pronounced like local only with an S instead of an L, not like Hollister's So Cal.
by Molly Patience July 19, 2008
Southern California. One of the best/worst to live.
josh: Your from so cal?

David: Me too
by Lakers4life89 December 11, 2010
Southern California. The worst place on earth. The rest of California is a pretty cool guy, eh, cool stuff to do, but "SoCal" is DONOTWANT.
I'm sorry,this is socal, were you looking for hell?Its hard to tell the difference
by Kalikat360 January 23, 2011
Southern California

Many NorCal people got to this deffinition first because they have no life and are always online. So Cal is the greatest place on earth, we got hollywood, Beverly Hills, Compton, IE, The OC, Long Beach, and everything else thats great. So Cal weed is the best. Going to TJ to party on weekends is only for So Cal. The only place in the world that you can, Go to the beach and surf, go to the mountains and snow board and go to the desert and dirt bike all before nightfall. Home to the happiest place on earth. Has the greatest burritos on the planet.
BOB: so what do you want to do today?

Bryan: i dont care, we are in SoCal we can do anything and everything!, its not like norcal where its alwayz cold and foggy ahahah

BOB: haha yea, lets go gets some lemonade....
by roxah October 20, 2005
something kids from norcal made up because they just couldn't belive southern california and northern california were really part of one place called california.
socal thats like everything under santa barbara
by sherrice March 22, 2005
Socal is a term used to shorten "Southern California". Many debate over the region's borders but primarily consists of Santa Barbara and areas of California farther southwards. However, recently many have used the term to describe the posh regions around the Los Angeles and Orange County regions, classifying many of it's inhabitants as "socalers". "socalers" are generally regarded as those seen on the frightenly popular shows, such as "The OC" and more recently "Laguna Beach: the Real OC". To that end, the term has recieved a connotation that all perons living in southern California are rich, white, asshole, cokeheads. While this might describe a vast majority of costal community dwellers, it tends to incorporate others who just like the area and say "fuckoff" to those rich asshole fuckers. San Diego, being the farthest south does not have as many of the costal pricks as say, Laguna Beach, or areas of LA that tend to have a lot of coke and rich pricks. ANd just as a reference, northern california has the best weed and if you disagree you've never been there. Also Norcal is not any better than Socal it just has fewer people and more trees. And just as a side note, all wholive in california need to put this retarded debate to rest. It is an absolutely meaningless rivalry. I can say this because i am non-biased party who unfortunately lives in between this so-called "gangwar". The finally difference is between Drug of choice preference: Norcal likes weed primarily to coke, while Socal altough still liking weed like a lot more coke.
I was in socal last week and the waves were fucking flat. It is too bad the POINT OF CONCEPTION (the place where the semi border exists) cuts off the northwest swell angle.
by Robeye Most September 24, 2006
(n.) Acronym: Standard Oil of California, a.k.a Chevron.
The first oil explorations in Saudi Arabia began in 1933, when Socal representatives concluded contract negotiations with King Ibn Saud, thus beginning a fateful symbiotic relationship, which scholars have portrayed as a marriage of convenience. Through the 1933 contract, Socal was granted a 60-year concession to pump Arabian oil. The economic, political, and social fallout of this relationship has deeply affected the foreign and domestic (more so in Saudi Arabia) policies of both countries to this very hour.
by mhibma September 19, 2006

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