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Southern California

Many NorCal people got to this deffinition first because they have no life and are always online. So Cal is the greatest place on earth, we got hollywood, Beverly Hills, Compton, IE, The OC, Long Beach, and everything else thats great. So Cal weed is the best. Going to TJ to party on weekends is only for So Cal. The only place in the world that you can, Go to the beach and surf, go to the mountains and snow board and go to the desert and dirt bike all before nightfall. Home to the happiest place on earth. Has the greatest burritos on the planet.
BOB: so what do you want to do today?

Bryan: i dont care, we are in SoCal we can do anything and everything!, its not like norcal where its alwayz cold and foggy ahahah

BOB: haha yea, lets go gets some lemonade....
by roxah October 20, 2005

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