Socal is a term used to shorten "Southern California". Many debate over the region's borders but primarily consists of Santa Barbara and areas of California farther southwards. However, recently many have used the term to describe the posh regions around the Los Angeles and Orange County regions, classifying many of it's inhabitants as "socalers". "socalers" are generally regarded as those seen on the frightenly popular shows, such as "The OC" and more recently "Laguna Beach: the Real OC". To that end, the term has recieved a connotation that all perons living in southern California are rich, white, asshole, cokeheads. While this might describe a vast majority of costal community dwellers, it tends to incorporate others who just like the area and say "fuckoff" to those rich asshole fuckers. San Diego, being the farthest south does not have as many of the costal pricks as say, Laguna Beach, or areas of LA that tend to have a lot of coke and rich pricks. ANd just as a reference, northern california has the best weed and if you disagree you've never been there. Also Norcal is not any better than Socal it just has fewer people and more trees. And just as a side note, all wholive in california need to put this retarded debate to rest. It is an absolutely meaningless rivalry. I can say this because i am non-biased party who unfortunately lives in between this so-called "gangwar". The finally difference is between Drug of choice preference: Norcal likes weed primarily to coke, while Socal altough still liking weed like a lot more coke.
I was in socal last week and the waves were fucking flat. It is too bad the POINT OF CONCEPTION (the place where the semi border exists) cuts off the northwest swell angle.
by Robeye Most September 24, 2006
Top Definition
short for Southern California
Frank: I wish all the SoCal and NorCal bitches would stop arguing over who was better, because they're both awesome and they're just ruining each other's awesomeness.

Joe: Wh-what are you talking about, NorCal sucks!!!

Frank: Yo momma sucks.
by Mr. Mach November 15, 2005
1. Geographical region: Southern California.

2. A trademark.

3. Home to killer surf.

4. An attitude.

5. A complimentary expression sometimes used as a snide insult.
Aren't you just So Cal?
by So Cal Gal March 17, 2005
The place everyone wants to be. Sunshine, good weather, and fun times, indeed. People are generally haters to Southern California because they really dont know what it's like to live here. It isnt all fake and fabulous. A lot of people have hardships even in SoCal. REAL problems, where they dont have time to bash other places on =]
SoCal hater: well i hate you, even though i'm jealous, and have never lived where you do or worked like you have for what you got, but because you guys have famous people, I HATE YOU!!~!1!!!11

SoCal resident: Chill, dude.
by Taylor__x__ April 13, 2008
SO*CAL: The land of the beautiful people, year round summer, and real mexican food. Seriously there is everything down in So Cali;mountains, snow, beaches, deserts, pretty much any type of geographic type you want (sans big forests, you need to go up to norcal for real Cali forests) . It is very beautiful with LA,The OC,and San Diego being the main metropolitan areas. Santa Barbara, riverside, Palm Springs,and other midsize suburban areas are down here too. The rest of the country probably thinks everyone down here is crazy what with all the insanity of Lilo, Brit Brit, and inmate 9818783 running rampant in LA. but plastic surgery aside SoCal is a pretty chill place with people a little more caught up with their looks than the average American/Californian. But what are you gonna do with 300+ days of sunshine? Cover up? There is no official border between SoCal and NorCal. A good way to guage ur location in the two Calis is to find out if you're surrounded by LA Dodger fans or SF Giants fans. A little bit of pride of where your from is cool (Nor or So Cal) but we don't need any type of real rivalry goin on between the two areas(my only gripe is NorCal doesn't have California burritos). Shit, secession sounds like a good idea to me from the looks of where the middle and south of the country are leading the rest of us.
LA, San Diego, The OC, and Santa Barbara all have some pretty sweet beaches.The Palm springs area boasts buttloads of sunshine and hosts Coachella (Indio). Socal is the place to be
by JaY NiZzLE April 24, 2008
Abbreviation for Southern California, homes
Your style is So Cal
by Scott L June 23, 2003
Best place ever. End of Story.
People only complain about socal because they're just jealous they dont live here.
by anonymous987654322 January 16, 2008
It is used in place of "Southern California" and probably originated because Californians like to make everything as short as possible

SoCal is so much better than NorCal.

You're from the Valley huh? I'm from SoCal.
by Kris L. June 02, 2003
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