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A pleasant combination of snuggling and nuzzling, much like a cat does on it's owner's leg.
Me and Jen snuzzle alot, probably because she spends too much time with her cat.
by z55 April 13, 2004
A combined snuggle and nuzzle
She hugged him tightly and snuzzled adoringly
by RB November 24, 2003
The act of snuggling and nuzzling between two certain people who were in love.
1) Glenn snuzzled with Martin, and said "I'll always love you"
by Underapurplesky September 04, 2007
A combination of snuggle and nuzzle.
Upon waking up, all she wanted to do was snuzzle with her love.
by jessica faery November 02, 2005
A cross between snuggle and nuzzle
"Auron and Rikku snuzzled up to each other beside the fire."
by nyte_katana November 24, 2004
A combination of snuggling and nuzzling. Snuggling with your nose.
"He snuzzles up to her neck."
by t1mon1 July 29, 2009
A buck tooth girl who applies way too much makeup and looks like a 5 year old used her face as a coloring book.
Dangggg!!!!! She looks like a snuzzle with all that makeup on!
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