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the combination of super crazy cute and pee your pants funny that is often seen in pets and other animals; snuzzy animals have lots of it
Man, talk about snuzz - check out that dog with the combover hanging out over there by the snack bar.

by AndersP April 21, 2008
the act of sexual intercourse from the opposite sex.
Man, shawty aint try to give me no snuzz.

I just got some snuzz from shawty.
by Vonyo March 28, 2008
When you are out drinking with your friends, its the drinking buzz that sneaks up on you..
Dude, i think i got a serious snuzz going on, or Im snuzz'd
by Dylan Yin February 23, 2010
a plural for sneeze in east aurora
she snuzz like crazy last night
by Hannah Rose August 07, 2006

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