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primarily pertaining to pets, an adjective that describes the unique quality of being cute and funny at the same time
Dooood... That LOLcat has some super snuzzy stuff going on.
by AndersP April 21, 2008
the combination of super crazy cute and pee your pants funny that is often seen in pets and other animals; snuzzy animals have lots of it
Man, talk about snuzz - check out that dog with the combover hanging out over there by the snack bar.

by AndersP April 21, 2008
the scale on which the snuzz, or cute/funny quality, of a pet or other animal is rated. The higher the snuzz factor, the higher the level of snuzz.
That Spanish-speaking ferret was just a little bit snuzzy until he started playing the accordian. After that, his snuzz factor increased by like 82 and a half. Maybe even 83.
by AndersP April 21, 2008
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