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Common surname from the outer reaches of Planet Snurb. Here on Earth, famed Smeltzburgian Storyteller and Artist, W.T. Snurb brings Planet Snurb to life through the characters of Herb Snurb, Millie Feltz, Bobby Fenster, Professor Funk, Betty Bomber, Witch Blinda, Mrs. Minus, Mortimer Blickley, and others.
W.T. Snurb occasionally becomes tired of the pace of humanity and retreats to Planet Snurb for a brief vacation.
by Herb Snurb December 09, 2010
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Snobby urbanites, especially those recent haughty urban dwellers who were raised in suburbs, small towns or rural areas. A snurb's childhood was usually somewhat idyllic or quaint. However, when returning to their hometown to visit or for the holidays, a snurb will frequently and sanctimoniously point out how "this particular situation or occurrence" never happens in "this big city," or that people in "this big city" never do "this." Thanks to its humbler origins, a snurb usually identifies itself as being too down to earth to be a hipster, making them even more annoying when they pontificate about the virtues of their adopted metropolis.
Snurbs: "Wow, we can't believe people still (insert) here."

Friends and Family: "Bitch, you only moved to San Francisco a year ago."
by firebaughmjc December 19, 2011
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synonyms for: Fuck, Ass, Bitch, Cunt, Slut, Whore, (Regurgitating Wallaby),Prostitute, Pleb, Stupid, Retarded, Adopted, Orphan, Cow, Whale, Cum Guzzler, Cum Guzzling Gutter Slut, Shitter, ( Gets stepped into Slim Jims), Twat, Illiterate, Nerd, Asshole, Mother Fucker,
Sally: Hey Jenny are you dating Matt?
Jenny: Yeah, why?
Sally: Oh, I heard he was a snurb.
Jenny: Oh shit, i'm definitely going to break up with him now.
Sally: Yeah or else his Snurb can be transferred to you.. it's contagious you know.
by Floppy Danger Noodle April 05, 2017
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