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Snugglesluts are generally female, generally in their mid to late teens and generally of an insipidly sociable nature.
Snugglesluts prey on members of the opposite sex to 'snuggle' with. Said snuggling is commonly understood to include just about anything of a sexual nature, no matter how perverted or disgusting, but snugglesluts will, as a rule, deny this fact point blank.
Snugglesluts will engage in 'snuggling' regardless of their relationship status, and will snuggle with as many as fifteen different victims at once.

Prey are generally boys younger than them, but the snuggleslut is versatile and will even snuggle with old men if circumstances demand it.
Person 1: "HJ was snuggling with XY for two hours yesterday, even though she's going out with CW!"
Person 2: "What a snuggleslut..."

Person 1: "Did you have sex with WM?"
Snuggleslut: "NO! How dare you! I just snuggled with him!"
*snuggleslut leaves in mock horror*
Person 2: "She's obviously a snuggleslut."
by KillB October 21, 2011
since slut is a girl that "will do anything with anyone"
and snuggle means "cuddle"
a snuggleslut is a girl that will "snuggle" with anyone!
shes such a snuggleslut.
by snuggleslut October 11, 2007
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