The act of eating out a girl while blowing quick bursts of air out of your nose on her clitoris.
Kate: "yo bro you gunna snuff that girl?"
Will: "ya i be snuffing her all night."
#snuffed #snuffin' #snuff #snuffer #snuffy
by hguty18 December 13, 2011
Top Definition
To sniff the genitalia of your partner before engaging in sex or foreplay.
I was snuffing that girl so hard last night, my nose was full of pubic hair.

Don't go sniffing, its all about snuffing

Snuffing is a good cure for a blocked nose, obviously after removing the pubic hair or poo particles
#sniff #snuff #foreplay #bellsniff #genitalia
by The Snuff Master June 07, 2013
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