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a deragatory term for a white person.
"I tell you what, next time that snowflake looks at me the wrong way, I'll cap his ass."
by Tim Collier October 22, 2002
Slang for a high quality grade of Cocaine, Looks powder like with hints of yellow and sparkling spores. Also see Flake
No time for the bashed out thing, i've got the snow flake
by Deaje May 20, 2008
A flake of that white stuff that comes out of the sky in the winter.
A snowflake just landed on your nose.
by Stephanie MH July 28, 2005
A name given to weak-willed/poorly motivated employees who fail to come to work at the first hint of adverse weather conditions.
"Why is Peter not in the office today?" "Oh, you know him, he's such a snow flake, he'll use any excuse to miss work in cold weather."
by Clarebear81 November 30, 2010
People (usually emo/goth kids) who dress weird in order to distinguish themselves or express their identity. These people think that they are each a "beautiful and unique snowflake" (see the movie Fight Club). Believe everyone else are "conformists".

Plural: "Snowstorms" (large amount of Snowflakes in one area).
Jess is wearing one green sock and one pink one, with a blue anime shirt. What a fucking snowflake.
by Britewing June 11, 2009
A very unique white girl that is one of a kind.
I love Snowflake, she is freakin' crazy!!!
by Party Pants March 19, 2007
1. A flakey white person who shows up when others don't want them to, or doesn't show up when they are needed.

2. A generally disliked white person, mainly due to their terrible timing.
Fuck, here comes snowflake.


Fuck, where is snowflake?
by Soosal Froosal September 18, 2011
Bits of toilet paper that cling to female pubic hair. Usually discovered during oral sex. In the absence of pubic hair, it can still refer to toilet paper bits found in the folds of the female genitalia. Same concept as a dingleberry.
"Ew girl! Why didn't you clean up these snowflakes before I came over!!!"
by missieerica December 29, 2009