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A cross between a sneeze and a cough
Could you please stop snoughing in the library?
by j+s March 09, 2012
snoughing - coughing in your sleep.

snougher - a person who regularly cough's in his/her sleep. (snoughs), (snoughed), (snougherous)

My duaghter an I came up with this word on December 29, 2011 when my wife said I kept her awake because I was caughing in my sleep. I asked if she meant snoring and she said, "no, you were caughing." I had no idea and thought there should be a word for coughing when you are alseep since "caughing" is usally associated with being awake. We combined snoring, associated with sleeping and caughing and thus, "snoughing" was born.
I could not sleep because you were snoughing all night. He is a snougherous sleeper.
by Promethius 1 January 03, 2012
a cross between snacking and chowing down on food.
We were just snoughing down on some subway.
by superurbanstar November 21, 2009

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