the art of talking to long-haired jews at 3 in the morning.
"i go snorking with the snorks...underwater with the sharkyy"
by thedrowningbathtubs38386868 April 06, 2009
Snorking is the act of snorting faecal matter, usually following by a fit of vomiting. Associated more with the gay fraternity it is an act involving 2 parties
1: the snorker (the snorter of the faecal matter) and
2: the Snorkee (the provider of the ingredient).
Scottish slang.
1: Your a pure snorker so you are.
2: Yer Ma is snorking yer Da.
3: Am Gonnay snork the shit oot aye you.
by Zordan December 01, 2007
the fine art of sniffing girls bicycle seats
did you see those girls on the bikes headed to the beach?
yea, lets follow them and do some snorking !

hey I just sniffed that hot chicks bicycle seat.

I didn't know you were a snorker.

did you see who rode up on that stingray?
you mean the one with the high rise handlebars and the banana seat?
yes I did, and she was mighty fine. I snorked that banana seat like right now!
wow, you are the snorkmaster.
by x2f101011 October 08, 2010
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