Verb: A face scrunching expression often combined with a finger point.

The Snoot is a facial expression
that a "Veena" makes when a she scrunchs her face together. Often used in conjunction with a finger
point and used frequently when she is trying to either show her resistance to an idea or puts on her pretend fight-face.
(Verb): She was snooting when he exclaimed that Feminism is dead!
by LawJigga July 17, 2005
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A word which can be used to replace any noun, verb or adjective.
If you do that again, I'm gonna snoot you in the face!

Wow, do you see that guy? What a little snooter.

That guy has some of the snootiest antics, I swear. What a snooter.
by Scoots Mcgoots January 17, 2011
Mid-Canadian slang term for cocaine.
"Got any snoots?"
"I just hooped snoots."
by DJ_Shrub January 28, 2006
Usually used in the south in reference to a drink of whiskey or hard liquor. The amount can be a swig or a gulp, but usually decided by the person consuming. The term is only used when one party offers to another party as a form of sharing. It is believed the term has evolved from offering chewing tobacco as a gesture of kindness.
person 1: What ya got there?

person 2: Hell, this is some Jim Bean. Why don't you give yourself a lil snoot.

person 1: Ah hell, why not.
by j-fly_615 March 10, 2009
Doggies' noses
I often tell my dog "I've got your snoots!" while I hold onto his nose with my hand.
by Fizzle Pip May 17, 2012
This is the name for a Penis with too much foreskin that hangs loosely from the end
He had a huge snoot, I could stretch the skin more than an inch!
by KBsnoot123 February 15, 2013
Sneaker Boots - giant-ass sneakers with thick tounges
The male cast of Jersey Shore wears Snoots, giant high top sneakers. Pauly D & Vinny rock Snoots daily. Immensely large sneakers worn by unathletic people. Sneakers with tounges that could stop a bullet.
by Dogbittenshoes October 29, 2010
The noun form of 'snooty'.

A really cocky, arrogant, stuckup person.
That guy is such a snoot for avoiding me because I don't shop at Hollister.
by Synthetikax May 05, 2007

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