Cutesy slang term for the vagina. I first heard the term in a column written by Anka Radakovitch in Details Magazine.
"One superfriendly patron stuck his finger up my towel and touched my snoopy," Anka notes.
From the book Sexplorations: Journeys to the Erogenous Frontier by Anka Radakovich
by Al aka El Negro Magnifico December 12, 2004
Snoopy is a beagle dog that cartoonist Charles Schwartz features in the most popular comic strip in the world, "Peanuts". Snoopy has also been featured in movies, songs, etc. and is now an American icon. His independent nature has also made him a symbol of the "free spirit" attitude as well as what is good about America and its culture.
1. I've seen "Peanuts" strips in several languages like German, French, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Greek and many more.

2. In college I saw a collection of items used in Roman Catholic parishes thruout the world. One item of note was a hymnal smuggled from communist China, where religious practices of any kind generally aren't allowed. Each page had Chinese musical notation and the lyrics to a song (of course, I couldn't read the words!). At the bottom of each hymn page was a sketched drawing of Snoopy. He was always looking sad, sitting on a swing and crying, or looking out a window, or in some other sad or melancholy state. No doubt this was a relection of the total lack of liberties and freedoms in China today. In this case Snoopy represents joy, cheer, happiness and freedom, and in a totalitarian state there are none of those things.
by Starpunk November 07, 2008
Short for Snowboarder Groupies. Girls at the hill you see jumping on any snowboarders' jock who even attempts to stand out from the pack of amateurs.
"Bromo! I landed that cab 540 and the snoopies were all over me after that!"
by Ti'an May 04, 2009
Someone who looks through there significant others phone, emails, dresser draws, etc because of insecurities and paranoia!
Your a Snoopy for looking through my phone while I was sleeping .
by Klorocks February 07, 2015
A beagle that lays on a red dog house and use his inmagnation to be ace and fly house with his yellow brid named Woodstock.
Snoopy is laying on his dog house
by Rollerskatingqueen May 23, 2016
When a man is sitting during role play and then a girl starts snooping and moving gently around is crotch with her lips until she gives him a boner. She sucks it afterwards.
Paul: "Me and Susan were making out yesterday...She gave me a Snoopy."
Dave: "No shit!"
Paul: "Dude, she really did it! It's like she has lips of an Angel!"
by usefbishara March 24, 2008
· When your balls droop down to your knees like Snoopy's ears
· When you're drunk as fuck
"My balls are straight Snoopy now."
"Want another beer?" "Nah man I'm too snoopy"
by zack123 August 30, 2015
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