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When a guy's ballsack is similar to a monkey's.
Peter Griffin: "RANDY FULLMAN?! I'm here to beat the crap out of you!"
Randy: "You can't peter, I have MS!'
Peter: "You hear that Chris? This guy has a monkey scrotum and he's bragging about it!'
by usefbishara March 24, 2008
The Whale from South Park. According to Willzyx (or the show commentators), he is from the moon and that is where all Orca whales came from.
Mike: "All right, out of the truck."
Truck Driver: "What the hell is going on?"
Mike: " You're carrying a stolen whale."
Truck Driver: "Stolen? You kids told me you won it in Pizza Hut!!"
Kyle: "You don't understand sir!! Willzyx has to go back to the moon!!"
by usefbishara March 29, 2008
When somebody gives a guy a BlowJob.
"Dude i got an amazing Soska yesterday!"
by usefbishara March 24, 2008
When a man has sex with a woman Doggy-style and imitates a firetruck sound and later when he cums on/in her he'd refer to it as putting out fire.
Samantha: "Jerry kept hooting while we were doing it doggy style yesterday."
Lois: "Ah. You mean he did the Fire truck..."
Samantha: "No wonder he was yelling 'put out that fire big guy' when he was cumming!"
by usefbishara March 25, 2008
When a man is sitting during role play and then a girl starts snooping and moving gently around is crotch with her lips until she gives him a boner. She sucks it afterwards.
Paul: "Me and Susan were making out yesterday...She gave me a Snoopy."
Dave: "No shit!"
Paul: "Dude, she really did it! It's like she has lips of an Angel!"
by usefbishara March 24, 2008

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