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A sad loser from the TV show "The Jersey Shore" that is a big slut and tries to get attention from more popular people. She only hits on Guidos and gets drunk from 2:30 am to 12:00 am.
Man i wanna get drunk and get laid

Lets go find SNOOKY
by Stupid Hobos March 07, 2010
noun, p. - Cookies that are orange, round, and have knuckle imprints in them. Named after Snookie on the TV show Jersey Shore.
"Haayyyy gurlll, let's bake some snookies for when Jersey Shore comes on tonight!"

My girlfriend made me Snookies while I watched a video of her getting punched in the face on youtube. It was chill.
by errnightgetwild January 09, 2011
An alien from the cartoon Invader Zim. Snooky appears to be a baby named Noogums who lives next door to Zim, but he is indeed not.
Zim: "What Should I Call You?"
Noogums: "Snooky!"
by jenjen the en-jen February 21, 2005
A booger. Otherwise known as a piece of snot clogged in the hair of a persons' nasal canal.
"I see a snooky. Blow your nose, child."
by erinlee, March 04, 2008
Snooky is a main character in a series of short books posted on myspace by, "Teambunny." The short books are now titled "Adventures of Snooky" and are numbered by acts, the books were once titled "Ninjas Were Mean to Me." The short books have no real plot to speak of such as in the Second book Snooky is a Robot with a chainsaw hand.
Snooky -Act3- Redemption: "...After a long, hard, wet talk with my family I decided that I don't like them all that much and told them I was going to buy the Christmas presents, never to actually return. I found it odd that they believed me for it was the middle of July..."
by Johnnaathan September 11, 2007
Actually the name snooky is a populaar pet name in germany. It is spelled "Schnucky" in the german language.
my Shih Tzu's name is snooky
by bairbelle March 10, 2011
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