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the act of cumming in the anus of your partner and then presumably taking a straw and sucking the semen out of it, but before doing so one must exclaim in a childish high pitch voice, "Snoodle!".
"I heard Mike snoodled Heather last night."
"Dude thats raunchy!"
by Yessev Nayr January 22, 2007
22 127
The act of an uncircumcised man stretching his foreskin over the penis-head of a circumcised man and then jacking the uncircumcised man off.
Dude, I had so much fun snoodling with you yesterday.

Wanna be my snoodle buddy?
by Probe Joe September 22, 2004
791 524
The act of rubbing noses in a gesture of affection and love.
*goes to kiss.. nose! snoodles instead*
by Cameron Joel Smith April 19, 2010
172 149
A shortened version of snickerdoodles.
Let's bake the snoodles in the oven now.
by comic-book-girl February 15, 2008
7 3
refers to tobacco that you snort
Hey do you have any snoodles? My nose needs a tingle.
by Trevor and Nate March 03, 2008
7 5
cross bewteen a poodle and a schnazer
the snoodle puupies came out looking like their father who was a schnauzer, even though the mother was a poodle.
by von struedelburg September 24, 2013
4 5
Lets get some snoodles tonight?
by spicoli4420 February 15, 2009
6 7
Getting comfy and cozy during a snooze session;snuggling under mounds of blankets cheek to cheek in the winter; sharing warm fuzzy feelings
My kids are such snoodle bugs; they love curling up with me at the end of the night to read a book.

Getting cozy before going to sleep with another person.
by snoodlebug April 09, 2012
29 31