Prissy/ angry little girl when hungry.
miсheℓℓeтяαη__* says:
Jesus, where's my mum! I'm gonna rot! I'm so hungry!
Kathy, Tien & Lisa says:
by Kathy, Tien & Lisa! August 13, 2008
What do you mean... Strip clubs are great, after a long day at work I can get my face burried in some hot stripper's snoods for a dollar!!!
by Lucky October 29, 2003
A term used to describe an individual who is generally; annoying, unlikeable or simply "gay". Can be used in any context in a conversation.
Person 1: You know that kid Max?
Person 2: Which one?
Person 1: The annoying one.
Person 2: Yea, he is such a snood.
by maxborgenisgay December 29, 2010
The ballsack thing that hangs off a turkey's face.
Cut the fuckin' snood off it when you eat that thing!
by Snoodophile March 29, 2011
the act of inserting your nose into a womsan's vagina and removing all the juices by snorting them out
Snode is the master snooder.
by glanterncorps July 23, 2008
A person without money, fame, stature or any other traits that typically define snobs but, acts snobbish to others; acting snobbish without any just reason; acting arrogant and uppity without cause.
A guy acting like he's better than someone who he is seemingly equal to, that person would be classified as a snood.

"Oh man what a snood"
"Why at someone highschool parties are there so many snoods?"
by J. Stromer January 28, 2008
what certain individuals like to use to refer to marijuana.
(v.) - let's snood it up at the park later.

(n.) - anyone got some snood to put in this blunt?
by snooded November 30, 2007

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