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A special occasion when someone purchases rolls, ecstasy pills, at a great value.

"Dude! I got uber Roll Back Prices today!"
"Really, how Back where they?"
"Singlestacks for $10 each!"
by BothTyrants June 28, 2007
A verb, meaning to snort. Typically used in reference to cocaine or other powdered narcotics.
As his high began to fade, the young man snooded yet another line of blow.

Wow... he is once again snooding... is does it like every day
by BothTyrants June 28, 2007
The second packing of any marijuana smoking device. Generally, resulting is a change of passing direction, either from clockwise to counterclockwise, or counterclockwise to clockwise.

Also, Take Three, Take Four, etc. can be used to define subsequent packings, all of which result in a passing direction change.
"Man, this bowl is cashed..."
"Take Two!!"

...3 minutes later....

"Man, this bowl is cashed... man"
"Take Three!!... man"
"Let's go get food from Krystal's, man!"
by BothTyrants June 28, 2007

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