A verb, meaning to snort. Typically used in reference to cocaine or other powdered narcotics.
As his high began to fade, the young man snooded yet another line of blow.

Wow... he is once again snooding... is does it like every day
by BothTyrants June 28, 2007
The only word in the world that means exactly what the user wants it to mean. It is therefore a living word. Meaning is only conveyable really by the intonation it is given when pronounced.
"what do you think of this?"

by Kalisti September 30, 2003
A penis that is so short, the foreskin extends over it causing it to look much like an elephants trunk.

ie., the snood penis, aka "the ant eater"
Milan dropped trow in McDonalds and exposed his snood to the cubscouts in the ballpen.
by Hank Fuckface April 09, 2006
Snood’ is the name for the fleshy appendage that hangs over the male turkey’s beak. It is a muscle which can contract whilst he is eating, but elongates when he is ‘displaying’.
"Wow billy look at the size of that turkey's snood!"
by Muttlee January 18, 2005
VERB. (snOO'd) To "snooze" in the "nude"
hey look, santa clause is snooding!
by CRZYtalknNiNja January 11, 2005
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