Snobble is the dried tracks from a wet dog nose that has touched car windows and glass panes.
"Sorry! My dog, Riley, has left a lot of snobble on your passenger side window."
by Terry West August 22, 2006
Top Definition
An onomatoepaic word to describe the noise that is made when someone eats with their mouth open.
To snobble:
Mother to child at the dinner table 'Stop snobbling and eat with your mouth closed!'
by Tania K October 06, 2005
1 n. nickname for any reference which eschews Wikipedia-style "mob rule" for "snob rule". Coined as a portmanteau of "Google Knol Snob Rule".

2. n. the list of 200 elite tech writers participating in social media as compiled by Robert Scoble
1. Webster's is just another Snobble. I prefer the Urban Dictionary.

2. Molly Wood didn't make this year's Snobble. I can't wait for the mollyrant.
by Fe1d September 28, 2008
A snot bubble. A bubble blown in your nostril with snot.
John was an expert in blowing snobbles.
by sanigene December 27, 2007
To pilfer items from another person's, or shared, plate of food and eat them quickly.
A dessert to be shared by two children arrives at the table. One child looks at the other and says "Don't you snobble all of that down".
by adobeman September 09, 2007
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