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A hockey word commonly used to describe "Slots" after he's sniped another goal cheesebar down in overtime (most likely short-handed). It is tough to gain the nickname snipeshow, you have to either earn it by going top shelf all the time, by giving yourself the nickname, or being stupid like Jeff and stealing it.

Now regarded as the Self-proclaimed snipeshow, the legend of "Slots" will go down in history as the first of the snipeshows.
"Wow Slots you certainly were a snipeshow tonight."
"Jeff definitely is a snipeshow wannabe. Way to try and steal the glory Jeff."
by Sergant Dangles December 20, 2006
the complete sniping of thy enemy
Joe: i just ran 300 miles
Bob: Snipeshow!
by BroJoe55 March 21, 2010
After a lot of sniping takes place, a snipeshow can be declared. Sniping doesn't necessarily have to be with guns.
Bob called seat check, but they still took his chair. It was a total snipeshow.
by brenda mj January 07, 2006
A game or sport with lots of scoring.
fuck our game last night was a snipeshow.
by Simon :) August 19, 2005
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