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usually the guy that sniffs the bicycle seats in the girls
dorm parking area, or offers up cash for some one time nasty
just like a certain character we know he,s sitting on a park
bench eyeing little girls with bad intent. he's the gash begger!
by RSD#5 February 20, 2007
those bizzar people on this earth that think that smelling
a nasty shoe is a real turn on.
I caught your idiot roommate gellin smellin my bowling shoes
again last night! he needs a 12 step rehab plan.
by RSD#5 February 20, 2007
a hellashishly rank fart that somone has excreated, on the down low that no one knows about until it smacks you in the face, and gives you that i smell shit look.
man i was riding the elevater yesterday when i was hit with a
smackfart; no one would admit to it.
by RSD#5 February 12, 2007
a disguarded snip of a cigarette found on the ground or a
butt extingushing recepticle; usually by a homless person.
Rufuss found a badass snipe standing in front of the
7-11 yesterday! smoke em if you got em!
by RSD#5 February 08, 2007
usually a loser that can't get any kickass girls on his own,
without spending some hard earned cash.
went out with Ronny last nite you know the guy from the chess
club, guess he was muffalo hunting because it wasn't payday yet.
by RSD#5 February 20, 2007
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