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the act of one bitch-ass nigga (generally out of spite or contempt) steppin' on another bitch-ass nigga's brand new pair of white sneakers (typically Nikes, Jordans, Dadas, and especially, Ice Creams), which ends up leaving behind a big, black scuff mark.
"Ay dogg, why you snig on my sneeks foo?"

past tense:"Yo G, I beat the shiznit outta Terrence and then I snigged on his ma' fuckin ugly-ass sneeks!"
by Big Snigger July 30, 2006
A clan formed by a gaggle of retards who primarily play Team Fortress 2.
Oh man, that SNiGS clan is one bodacious group of guys. They totally own at TF2! I sure wish I was like them!
by Jester7272 February 17, 2009
Wigan term for a freshwater Eel found in the area in the canal, River Douglas or ponds. Occasionally eaten as a delicacy by some locals
'I went out carp fishing but all I got was snigs'

'I was in St Patricks Club and two lads tried to sell me a dead snig for a Fiver...'
by J Biscuit August 03, 2009
A tea regarded as a Bhutan delicacy.
It contains a number of rare natural herbs that have been used by early settlers for medicinal purposes.

The full list of ingredients: marijuana, cocaine, heroine, hashish, and laced with local cheeses that differ from tribe to tribe. When in the process of creating a Snig, you must not forget the cheese. It is the core ingredient OF ALL SNIGS!
Guy 1:"Hay man, just ran in to some asian"
Guy 2:"was he Bhutanese?"
Guy 1:"yea man, he helped me slip some snigs, already had 6 hits from some snigs today"
Guy 2:"fuck man, how was it?"
Guy 1:"ohhhhhhhh, man, sooo goood. these cheese was exquisite"
Guy 2:"im keen, i'll take 3"
by snig dealer October 18, 2009
an aquired racial slang created for the soul purpose of making racist comments in a sly and covert manner. Created in the halls of a regular high school, snig has spread to class rooms and internet chat rooms around North American and South East Asia specifically the viet Kong (charlie)
Look at the Snig, look at him eat all that dim sum, what a snig holy sniglet.
by Jamziz June 09, 2005
A racial term that combines the two words Street and Nigger. "Sreet-Nigger"
Racist Ricky - "Hey, you see that Snig on the corner waiting for the bus?"

Biggit Barry - "Yeah, that waste of life street nigger needs a job so he can get his ass a car."
by Ninja John October 31, 2007
A silly person of african descent.
Hehehe, that black man just threw some D's on dat bitch...What a snig!
by Dracotic July 31, 2007
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