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1. Always sniffing the mucus back into your nose.

2. When you have excess snot running out of your nose.
I shouldn't have made out with that chick with mono, she gave me sniffilis.
by DidaJ May 03, 2013
catching a cold after hooking up with a random.
"oh my god tiffany! i think jason gave me sniffilis at the club last night. i hope holly doesnt find out."
by tina muff eater. May 20, 2009
A syphilis infection in one's nasal passages or sinus cavity; usually caused by snorting powdered cocaine out of a prostitutes vagina (aka a Columbian Special).
I snorted syphilis; now my nose got sniffilis.
by -SVEN- December 03, 2012
Syphilis of the nose contracted when nose deep in an already infected sexual partner.
Daniel Tosh contracted sniffilis when he tried to see if Sweet Brown's brown smelled sweet.
by KwTc November 19, 2013
1. n. Syphilis of the nose.

2. n. Sniffilis may also be used sarcastically to indicate that an individual's sexually transmitted infection is not as serious as they make it seem.
"Mucous samples indicate that you have contracted the sniffilis."

Loren: "Dude, my junk really itches."
Nathan: "Aw, poor Loren gots the sniffilis."
by hathan narper November 15, 2006