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For when everything is just fucking wonderful.
Wonderfuck; my car burned down, I lost my house, and my job has an STD.
by -SVEN- February 14, 2013
A sexual activity that involves the inhalation of powdered cocaine, from inside the genitals of an anonymous, for-hire sexual partner.

May also be reffered to as a Memphis White Lady, a Vegas All Nighter, Pink n' White, Dirty Snow, or the Texas Double Time.
John: What can I get for $50?

Sparkle: You can whatever you want.

John: Can I get a Columbian special?

Sparkle: You supply the snow and you do what you please wit it.
by -SVEN- December 03, 2012
A syphilis infection in one's nasal passages or sinus cavity; usually caused by snorting powdered cocaine out of a prostitutes vagina (aka a Columbian Special).
I snorted syphilis; now my nose got sniffilis.
by -SVEN- December 03, 2012
A small town in west Texas, named for a paradoxical phenomena where nobody can explain why they have gone to Abilene.

The phenomena is typically seen in groups of people, where one member jokingly suggests they journey to Abilene, and the rest of the members all agree to go. After arriving in Abilene, it becomes apparent that no member of the group, not even the one who made the suggestion, wanted to go to Abilene in the first place. The Paradox is formed around the concept of Group Think, where each member of the group belies that everybody else wants to go to Abilene, and that they would be ostracised for not wanting to go to Abilene.
Joe: Why did we go to Abilene?

Mary: I don't know; you and Steve wanted to go to Abilene.

Steve: I thought you wanted to see Abilene.

Mary: I only went 'cause you an' Joe wanted to go to Abilene.

Joe: I hate going to Abilene.
by -SVEN- April 25, 2012

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