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A guy/girl who is both neat AND sexy.
Dude, that Avril Lavigne sure is snexy. She reminds me of Terrin.
by Ramathorn February 18, 2005
Someone that is sneakly sexy.
Dang,you're snexy!
by Vannah:] July 17, 2008
A mixture of snazzy and sexy.
"Damn girl your looking snexy!"
by genny_gen October 13, 2007
Being sneakily, surprisingly, and unexpectedly sexy.
I know that you're licking your lips because you just ate a messy cupcake... but damn girl, that was snexy!
by snexyJ September 07, 2011
Sexy, having a relation of or to being sexy, having sexual appeal, being sex-a-ble(See sex-a-ble)
Oh, that boy sure is one snexy bitch!
by Amanda May 26, 2003
A combination of the words "sneeze" and "sexy". This generally involves sneezing so hard that your genitals fly across the room.
DAMMIT!! Those things are stuck to the wall! Snexy!
by RadioRunner July 12, 2003