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The exchange of typed groaning sounds by two underaged boys in the wee hours of the morning. One or both of these persons will believe the other is a woman. This is generally an experience that will end with one or both children crying and/or with socks stuck to sensitive areas of their bodies.
Uhhhhh... uhhhh... YES!!
Um... Hey girl, what's your name again?
And why the hell is your SN "fatbill4769"?!
by RadioRunner July 12, 2003
One who is a combination of both a bastard and a bitch. A she-male who has pissed you off fits this definition.
MAN!! That bastitch cut me off in traffic!!
by RadioRunner July 12, 2003
A combination of the words "sneeze" and "sexy". This generally involves sneezing so hard that your genitals fly across the room.
DAMMIT!! Those things are stuck to the wall! Snexy!
by RadioRunner July 12, 2003
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