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1.Phone is on Vibration.
2.Text Someone.
3.Place Phone On Penis/Vag/( Maby ass? ).
4.Wait For there text.

The Act where u Sneak Ur Cellular Device On Your Genitals and wait for the Vibration. To get off Unknowingly from ur Victim.
Nick - Yo dude I was tottaly Snexing With Jessica last night, for like a hour!

Kris - Wow Bro. Your the man. *Manly Chest bump*

Nick - Yeah im so glad She Replies Back so fast.

Kris- Word.
by Metal Mayhem October 15, 2009
to snack while having sex
I'm going to be snexing on a hero with my boo later tonight.
by justaddwaterson January 06, 2015
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