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(snd., excl.) A term that has no meaning or definition, usually spoken, though it may be written, to make an acqaintance laugh in an inappropriate situation; the term is often spoken as the speaker looks slightly downward and generally to the left or right, sometimes with his open hand extended outward from his nose
Hiedeman, not knowing that Robley had whispered "snert" to Horse and Roof, was perplexed by all of the laughter in the classroom.
by P'tainz February 21, 2013
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SNERT is an acronym for Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Twit. It was created in 1994 in the Guide Lounge on America Online, as we were not allowed to refer to members as twits, twerps, or the like. A pact was loosely made between those present that we wouldn't tell members what it meant other than "a troublesome member". The word went on to be defined in at least twenty different ways by members and eventually moved out into the online gaming world.
Jerk1: I just fuX0red your sister!
Dude1: Go eat shit, snert boy!
by flurp November 25, 2006
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The sound from the back of your throat that comes when trying to subdue your laughter while talking; similiar to a snort.

In written form, an exclamation used as an indication of sarcasm.
"Oh, yeaaah! She meant every word of it(snert)!"

"(snert) She called him a WHAAAT?"
by sonni hopkins June 03, 2007
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Snot Nosed Egotistical Rude Teen. A term used in multiplayer internet game rooms to describe an unwanted participant who the terms used are applicable to.
Person 1: hey j00 all sux so muuch your all retrded this game sux ass 2
Person 2: Get out.
Person 3: God, what a snert.
by Antichrist Superstar August 06, 2004
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n. - One who, in an online gaming environment, takes far greater interest in ruining others' experiences instead of keeping to his own. Snerts are often, but not exclusively, wordn00b/words.

v. - To commit an action normally associated with the behavior of a snert. Most commonly seen as 'snerted'.

(adj. snertish, adv. snertishly)
Noun: "My server has a strict 'no snert' policy."
Verb: "He snerted his PK score past 1000!"
Adjective: "Snertish behavior will not be tolerated."
by GJ July 03, 2003
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an acronym stading for Someone Needing Enlightment Regarding TOS (Terms of Sercvice, rules for using an ISP).

particularly used in gaming forums for those whose purpose is to ruin everyone else's fun by disregarding rules regarding harassment, vulgarity & scrolling, etc.
That snert keeps scrolling so that I cannot see the question the host posted.
by KThunder February 09, 2004
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An acronym standing for Sexually Needy, Emotionally Retarded Troll.

Used in chat rooms to refer to a particularly obnoxious individual that hits on everyone he sees.
That SNERT just wouldn't take no for an answer.
by Denieinchains July 17, 2005
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